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Affiliation Agreement Signed

Foundation for Health Advancement and Cooper University Health Care announce the signing of an affiliation agreement that allows both organizations to work together to develop opportunities to advance breakthrough biomedical research and technologies within the Cooper University Health Care system. 

FHA welcomes Cooper University Health Care to its group of affiliated organizations!

Innovation Grant Awarded 

Foundation for Health Advancement (FHA) is excited to award an Innovation Grant to Sabine Petry, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University. Dr. Petry is  addressing the well-known but urgent need for novel cancer drug targets and therapeutics. Her "Treating and Curing Cancer" project will use the Innovation Grant funding to further develop a novel screen for cancer drug targets and use this screen to potentially identify novel cancer therapeutics. Congratulations Dr. Petry!

Recent News

Affiliation Agreement with Hackensack Meridian Health Signed

Middle and High School STEM Grants Awarded

Recent Innovation Grants Awarded

Analgesia without Addiction

  T. Keck, PhD &

             G. Moura-Letts, PhD


Trach Alert 

    S. Shady, PhD

Minimally Invasive Tissue Palpation Device

   J. Kim, PhD  

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