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Supporting Health-Related Research and Education Programs in New Jersey

We support New Jersey researchers and students who are developing cures for diseases and solutions to health-related needs. Our programs grow new science-based businesses in collaboration with New Jersey-based research institutions and inspire students to pursue STEM majors and careers.



The Foundation for Health Advancement fuels the innovation of researchers and students at organizations affiliated with the New Jersey Health Foundation.  We support researchers and students who have great ideas, but need funding and support to develop their ideas into viable solutions to address health-related needs through our Innovation Grant Program.  We currently have affiliation agreements with Kessler Foundation, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Princeton University, Rowan University, Rutgers University and Stevens Institute of Technology.

Our High School STEM Grant Program supports exciting educational projects at New Jersey High Schools.  Click here for more information.

The Foundation for Health Advancement, New Jersey Health Foundation and Foundation Venture Capital Group support the development of health-related research and start-up companies in New Jersey by providing research grants, innovation grants and venture funding to develop ideas from the research project stage to commercialization. 


We invite you to join with us to promote a thriving innovation ecosystem by supporting important health related research and exciting STEM education programs in New Jersey!

Innovate and Impact:  Information and Education for NJ Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Innovate and Impact is an ongoing series of programs supported by the Foundation for Health Advancement.  These programs cover a variety of topics to provide education, share best practices, lessons learned, and offer opportunities to network with entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, researchers, students and businesses.  

The Foundation for Health Advancement created Innovate and  Impact because our mission extends beyond providing financial resources to the researchers and students we support.  We believe that the entire innovation ecosystem in New Jersey would benefit from a forum where we can share expertise and bring in external resources to support innovators and entrepreneurs as they develop their ideas into viable commercial enterprises.  

Our inaugural program: Navigating the Path to Startup Success at Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs is being rescheduled for November 2020.  Check back for details.  


Developing Ideas from Early Stage Research to Commercialization

For Early Research with Exciting Potential

 Impact Investing in New Jersey’s Growing Health-Related Technology Industry


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