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   Providing Support to Develop Promising Ideas


The Innovation Grants Program helps researchers and students at our affiliated organizations -- Cooper University HealthCare, Hackensack Meridian Health, Kessler Foundation, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Princeton University, Rowan University, Rutgers University and Stevens Institute of Technology -- continue to advance their research by providing grants of up to $50,000 to support further development of their work.  Grants must be used to fund only direct program costs.  Grants cannot be used to fund overhead, tuition or any other indirect costs.


We created the Innovation Grants Program to help address an important need of researchers in the middle stage of our funding continuum  – in between very early research ideas and those ready to form companies. 


Many of the researchers who receive Innovation Grants have great ideas but lack access to funding and other resources to further their research. Most do not have an understanding of the business processes required to achieve their goal – proof of concept and commercialization of their work to make their device or treatment available to those who need it. 

Our commitment to the researchers and students goes beyond the grant funding  we provide.  Our team provides mentoring and direction to researchers.


Recently supported projects hold the promise of creating tremendous benefits for society. Researchers are investigating ways to detect the early onset of dementia, investigating novel treatments for alcohol use disorder, combating diabetes, treating intraocular diseases, developing insect repellents to improve global health, and researching approaches to combat cancers and allergic inflammation. 

Interested in learning more about applying for an Innovation Grant? Contact us by clicking here.

Help us support cutting-edge research!

Foundation for Health Advancement accepts contributions from corporations, foundations and individuals to support this program.  100% of funds raised for the Innovation Grant Program will be used for grants to support research.

To support this important work, please click here. 


Active Grants Include:

A Novel Pharmacology to Prevent Fibrosis, Jean Schwarzbauer, PhD, Princeton University

Dihydromyricetin Analogs for Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder, James Simon, PhD, Eileen Carry, PhD, David Augeri, PhD, Rutgers University

Treating & Curing Cancer - a Novel Screen for a New Class of Cancer Drug Targets & Therapeutics, Sabine Petry, Princeton University

Body Cavity Evacuator. David Shersher, MD. Cooper University HealthCare

Wearable Cardiac Monitor. Robert Hirsch, MD Cooper University HealthCare

Novel Cancer Drug Testing Platform Development. Roman Voronov,  New Jersey Institute of Technology

Analgesia without Addiction. Thomas Keck, PhD, Rowan University

Minimal Invasive Tissue Palpation Device. Jinho Kim,  Stevens Institute of Technology

TRACHAlert Device. Sally Shady, PhD Stevens Institute of Technology

Successfully Advancing Medical Research

Since the inception of the Innovation Grants Program, there have been over 30 projects that have been funded.  Three of the innovation grants successfully advanced the research idea and led to the formation of companies funded by Foundation Venture Capital Group. These companies are Kayothera, Inc., Oculomotor Technologies, Inc., and NemaGen Discoveries, Inc.


These start up companies are in various stages of moving toward commercialization of an idea that began as an idea funded by an Innovation Grant.

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